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Iran's population is 65,619,636 people. They have about 9 main ethinic groups. The largest is Persian with 51%. About 58% of Iranians speak Persian and Persian dialects. The next most common used one is Turkic and Turkic dialects with 26%. 89%of Iran religion is Shi'a Muslim. Sunni Muslim contains the rest of the people's religion.
Literacy Rate
total population- 72.1%
male: 78.4%
female: 65.8%

Iran's government type is theocratic republic.It has 28 provinces. The Constitution was proclaimed December 2-3 1979 and was revised in 1989 to expand powers of the presidency and eliminate the prime ministership.The legal sustem of Iran is the Constitution codifies Islamic principles of government. Its (Iran's) Independence Day is April 1, 1979.(Islamic Republic of Iran proclaimed) Iran's national holiday is Islamic Republic Day.