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-|-~*South West Asia*~-|-
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With it's rugged landscapes and no seacost, Afghanistan has it hard to develop it's resources. Hindu Kush covers most of Afghanistan. A major trade route linking southwest Asia with Asia is the Kyber Pass as you can see by it's name it's a pass to Asia. Afghanistan's major economic activity is famring. Afghanistan is rich in minerals but has little industry. There is 24.8 million people in Afghanistan and of them there are 20 ethnic groups. The 2 largest ethnic groups are the Pushtuns and the Tajiks. Islam is the religion is they practice, and the Islams mostly live in valleys of the Hinku Kush range. Kabul is the capital city. To my surprise they have a long and troubled history. Civil wars have torn up the country, so that has most to do with it.


Here I'll add information about another of my pets. Again, I'll talk about how I first got her and then describe some of her habits.