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-|-~*South West Asia*~-|-
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*Baghdad, has 9.3 million people as their populatoin and it's mostly because Baghdad is the capital of Iraq.
*Some of the world's oldest civilization developed between Tigris and the Euphrate rivers, and the war between them became known as the Persian Gulf War.

*Since the Persian Gulf War Iraq has faced many hardships such as other countries not wanting to trade with them.
*Muslim Arabs are the largest group.
*Kurds, the second largest, they have their won culture and live in mountains of northeast Iraq.
*Iraq has fought wares with neighbors to gain territory.

*In 1990 Iraq armies invade Kuwait.
*Oil and agriculture is what Iraq's economy is based on.
*Most faming is near thh Tigris and the Euphrates.

*70 percent live in urban areaslike Baghdad.
*Iraq is most important oil produced countries in Southwest Asia.
*Major geographic features in Iraq is the Tigris and Euphrate rivers.