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Government of Turkey:

The government type of Turkey is rebuplican. The capital is Ankara and their cool independence day is October 29, 1923. Kemal Ataturk, a military hero, was the first president of the new country. He made many great political and social changes within the country.

Other Information:

-Europe and Asia are the two continents on which Turkey lies on, which makes Turkey have a unique location.
-Since it's location is between Asia and Eurpoe it has a link to Asian and European culture.
-Turkish straights seperate Europe and Asia from Turkey.
-Wheat and livestock is the main farm products.
-There is 65 million people in Turkey and they mostly live in the northen part.
-Turkish is the language that is most spoken in Turkey.
-There are three other types of other languages.
-Only 2% of Turkey's people has a religion that is not Muslim.
-A little bit over 50% live in cities or towns.
-Istanbul is the largest city and only city in the world that is located on 2 continents, which it makes it an especially unique location.
-Turkey's capital is Ankara, the second largest city in Turkey.
-Since the mid 1900s people have moved to the city, and it makes it harder for the city to give jobs.
-The ancestors of Turkey's people are mostly Asian because they migrated to the Anatolian Plateau during the A.D. 900S.

Description of Collage above:

Beaches, castle, the flag, some school children, map of Turkey, remaining wall, some people weaving, and an old city of Turkey.

Land and Climate:

Turkey is made up of many highlands and plateaus.The highlands are dry and mountainous.The north has grassy plains that cover Turkey alog the Black Sea. In the south, you'll find coastal plains along the Mediterranean Sea. Wetern Turkey has broad, fertile valleys running inland form the Angean Sea.
The climate in Turkey detirmines where you live in the country. If you lived on a coastal area, you would have a Mediterranean climate which consists of hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. The Antolian Plateau, the heart of Turkey, experiences the hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters of the steppe climate.