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My Shining Star


Dedicated to Kelly*Gee

The Good Friday of 2004 (April 9th) a very dear friend of mine got killed in a car wreck, Kelly Grady (Kelly*Gee). This page is in dedication to her. Following is a poem I wrote to her, then details about the death, and pictures.

My Shining Star
I love and miss you Kelly, but I understand
As I reflect on you, I remember so much.
I remember the jealousy I had of you and Glo.
I always remember second grade, LoL
I also remember that 7th grade fight
what a Thanksgiving?!
I always looked forward to our MSN Convos
You gave me so many nicknames
Now I remember you by them
You always lifted me up with your smile
And you made me laugh all the time.
All that happiness and craziness only you could bring out in me
I'm so thankful that God brough us back together
He knew what He was doing.
In my eyes KelJu, you went to Princeton,
*and* graduated with a pink and black gown.
You stayed in the White House too, with your duckies
Through it all, you were the best
I love you Kelly, my shining star!

Kelly was not the only one who got killed in that car wreck. Meghan, Mary, and Poppie as well got killed in the wreck with her. They were all in the same car traveling on their way back from the Swamp, when a semi hit them. Their lives here with us will definitely be remembered.
~*4.9.04*~ RIP Kel, Meg, Mary, and Poppie.