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Note: This is in no particular order
Britani- My SBBF. You're great Britani, and I'm so HAPPY that you're my friend. You're my best friend and SBBF. I don't know what I'd do without you and I truly appreciate and love you, you're always there for me, so you know I'm always giong to be there for you. Best of luck with Jacob.

Kelly (KelJu)- I MISS YOU GIRL. I love you alots, and it's so dull on MSN... I looked at our logs, and child, I can't believe for the world that we talked that much and long. I love and miss you alot, but I'm understanding. I can't wait to see you though, that's for sure :>

Amber- You're amber. and youre my best friend. woo*hoo. you know u luv me, even tho we have our fights and times, i mean come on you HAVE to love me, I'm manda.

Mandie- Hey. PSJD and Furdez rock girl. LoL. hehe. Well I hope you're having a great summer.
Maelyn- Sup white girl lisha. I just love you to death, and hey, we need to have that rematch tennis game, you ain't ready...LoL

Gloria (Glo-D)-  Hey, it's gLoRiA, my DQBF. You're not as spunky (lol) and happy as you used to be, but that's okay... I guess you just want to keep me grouchy (ya that means brighten up so i can have fun). Lol, i wish you the best of luck with Austin, and BTW you will be dance captain next year ;).

Lindsey-Uh hi. You don't like me any more. But you know. Hope everything's doing good.

Tiffany- No matter what I may act like, I do love and appreciate you. Doy.

Celeste- Guess what? We no longer have to work with Tyler on them durn reading group projects lol. i'm so happy. hehe, I'm jk. We had fun though! LYLAS

Danny- Sup' big daddy boo...haha I luv you lots, even though you're very racial. You gon' hook up w/ cat*girl?

Spencer- My brother, my homie... i luv u!

Andre-  I'm already missing your donk-a-donk. Boy don't ever forget me, cause I can't forget you.

LeAnna- You're a wild crazy one. I hope you enjoy 9th grade as good as I did...I just loved that shocked me! Eh! O and keep the class of 08's cheerleading team crunk!

Wren- You're an agitating one. But you're still my friend, and I still put up with you and I don't know why. I miss first semester, I hope you still my boy, with ya mean self. You could talk to a girl more, ya know ol' Green Eyes ;)

Derrick- I LOVE YOU! Really, but not that way. You're gonna get tall one day, and be WAY finer than George :> lol.

George-You still won't let me feel the abs. But that is perfectly okay, I'm outta that phase now... But I still LYLAB!

Corinda- You're just so preshus, how come your brother can't be like you? LoL.

Brittany and Allie- I just adore y'all, besides Kel and Meg, y'all were (and still is even tho britt ain't on the team ne more, but in my mind she is) the coolest cheerleaders in our grade. Y'all straight and crunk. There ya go!

Erica- Good luck w/ Jordan, ya band nerd. BTW, work on that voice!

Jedonna- Whoooooooooooo-D! Nah, girl. I just had to do that. I'll always remember the Charlton and Brooks Co. game, how it feel to be the big bad CG Captain, Keep ya  head up, don't let them haters hate.

Dana- Girl, we had fun this semester, I hope we got the same block next year...and just cuz Mr. Edwards can't recognize your talents, don't get discouraged.

Matt- You're a funny lil' one... I don't talk to many of the kind in youre grade, so consider yourself cool. LoL, really i LYLAB!

Tierra- Eww its you, I just love to pick on you. LoL. Keep loving your boo Jeffrey.

AJ- U gets on my nerves. Simple as that, and I don't know why I claim you.

Ulysses- Matt told me you were a playa, and he's RIGHT.

Celia- Whats up Cat? LoL, you know whats funny I'm typing this here in your home town...Warner Robins. When you gon' hook up w/ Big Danny Boo? Lol. JK

Tyler- You a worsome one, but I still love you. You're the one with the mood swings.

Hannah- My message to you was that I hoped you'd make flag for the 04-05 year, and guess did. Show em' who they workin with. Represent the SMART ppz outta the class of 07, and I want you to go for captain your Sr. year, I'll help ya.

Jacob- You're a mean one, but I ain't hatin, and I'm not complaining, its just you and youre nature, and I know it. You treat my Britani (SBBF) right ya hear?

Cheston- My white boy! I love you cheston.

Kyle D- Boy, do I regret not talking to ya while she was here..... You're a sweet person no matter what... Things'll get better :)

Jeff- You're a great friend, even tho you're agitating sometimes.

Bradley- Yo, shave your legs and get me my Ying Yang Twins CD.

To the Flagline of 03-04: We had fun while it lasted... I'm sorry, I left...and to ya that quit, and ain't doin jack now: y'all some sorry behinds. Remember the CG dance, and the Charlton Co. Game, as well as My Boo, and Crazy In Love...that uh-oh was UH-OH lol! Straight Superiors, Best CG in Class C....boy we tore it up!

To the Danceline of 04-05: We ain't started yet, and its bound to be some times headin our way, but I'm sure we'll make it. Kendra, you got my it good. Katie, get ready for band classes! We'll get straight superiors!

Hey, Shoutouts, and Big upz to the rest to these folkzes:

Chase K.
Sam M.
Maci G.
Alicia M.
And ne one else I forgot, I'm sorry, ya tell me, and I'll add ya to this.