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The Great Russian Leaders | Extra Facts
"The Wonderful World of Government in Russia"
The Great Russian Leaders

Get to know Ivan the Great, Peter the Great, Lenin, Karl Marx, and Joseph Stalin!

That picture (above) is Ivan the Great, Russia's first Czar. He defended Russia from the Mognol's. As you can see this is not a real live picture but a sketch. As you also can tell Czar's must've been very important for the clothing or armor looks very important!
Source of picture:

Peter the Great (above), could probably be considered the smartest Russian leader. I believe that he is because he learned that Europe was more developed than Russia, but changed that fact to where Russia was more developed than Europe. That's mostly why it is the largest country. I think another thing that makes him the smartest Russian leader is that at the age of 10 he BECAME a Russian leader!!!!

As you can see above that man is Lenin, he is a very strict leader, while looking strict too. He, also made great changes in Russia. He supported and believed in the beliefs of Karl Marx. He was a very firm ruler and a communist like Marx. Because of his death his job was taken over by Joseph Stalin, who is below (the source).

Joseph Stalin was so ruthless that he was in head of death and terror to many of Russia's poeople. It mgith've been that he was also communist and supported the idea.

Most Important Russian Leader:

The most important Russian leader is Karl Marx (above), the founder of Communism. He was originally born as a Jew, but his father converted the family to Christian. He was also a German, but him and his ideas changed Russia such as the communist Idea. He was very tough, and strict as you can see by his idea.