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Welcome to GlitzBox!

Month of December:
Hey! Wuzup! Guess what?!?! This webpage is to be a small Online teen magazine. I would really luv to thave more people come and sign the guesbook. SO if you can spread the word about this "Glitzlicious" online magazine. I would also like your opinion on my site. So PLZ sign guesbook telling me how I can do that.

There has been some changes to my webpage. Such as instead of news we have TV News, and in addition to that Articles,a Movies section, and Bands of the Month. Also, I have changed the name from Glitzlicious to GlitzBox!

I also have a tribute to the America thingy!

Bands of the month are: DC3 (Destiny's Child) and *//\\//Sync. So there will be songs on the sites done by them and their lyrics. Thanx /tami13 for the border!